Every student is expected to attend school regularly. Absence from the school except illness or any other unexpected circumstance will not be granted.

• A student who was absent on the previous day will not be allowed to attend class without permission of the Principal. • A student having any type of communicable disease is not allowed attendance school. • A student who has just recovered from any contagious ailment should present a doctor’s certificate of fitness to continue the classes. • Leave may be allowed by the principal after producing a written application from the parent either through the mobile app or through written application in the school. • Students are expected to complete the work skipped during their absence. • Re-examinations or Re-tests will not be conducted for the students who are absent during Tests or Examinations. • A half-day leave should not be requested for security reasons. During emergency, if a student requires stepping out of the school premises, parents should come to school to take him/her back. • Students must carry the books needed daily. They are expected to bring Tiffin from home. After entering the school, the staff at the gate will not take books, Tiffin or stationery to be handed over to any student. • 75% attendance is compulsory for the students from classes VI-IX and 80% attendance is essential for others. Admit Card and Promotion is subjected to refusal if they do not match the criteria as per the CBSE Norms. Students having 100% attendance are eligible to get Appreciation Certificates.