Music is not only an art; it is the rhythm of life. Understanding the significance of this extraordinary art, we encourage students to learn this art. We provide students training of Vocal as well Instrumental music. Children are born with potential. It is the teachers and parents who have to bring the best out of them. Hence, we inspire children to get enrolled in vocal or instrumental music as per their area of interest.

While vocal music helps children to learn the classical base of music, instrumental one enables them to learn how to play instruments. Children are encouraged to learn and play instruments like Harmonium and tabla under the supervision of expert music staff. The highly experienced music faculty teaches children about different forms of music which helps them unleash their potential at its best.

At Sanjay Public School, we are housed with specialized music rooms. These are well-equipped with musical instruments and required accessories. These rooms have necessary sound proofing and speaker connections also. Learning music helps students to get a better concentration and enhances their learning ability.